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Anarchy Wrestling Report from Cornelia on May 12

From Larry Goodman:

Anarchy Wrestling continued their streak thus far in 2018 with another strong showing last night at Landmark Arena.

Corey Hollis and Slim J delivered the goods with an awesome dog collar match in the best match of the night.

Anarchy’s creative team surely hasn’t lost their touch. The twists and turns in the stories keep coming. The show closed with a character turn that that got over and is sure to keep things interesting.

Attendance was 125 and they were into it bigtime all night. That would have been an exceptional house at Landmark at most points over the past decade but not now. They drew 160 for the show two weeks ago featuring the loser leaves Anarchy cage match between The Approved and Team TAG.

Approved lost the cage match but are staying in Cornelia as part of the NCW roster. AC Mack and Ike Cross have switched from NCW to Anarchy.

The Anarchy TV title is being revived via a tournament. While the move makes sense with Anarchy having weekly internet TV, I question the wisdom of two secondary titles (Billy Buck is the current Heritage Champion), especially in a promotion with a relatively small roster.

The first half of last night’s event aired live on with Steve Martin and Triston Michaels as the broadcast team. The second half will air next week.

The show opened with tribute and 10 bell honoring SFCW founder and former Anarchy owner Charles Anschutz. 

(1) Ike Cross defeated Brian Kane to advance in the TV title tournament in 8:35. Huge pop and chant for Cross, who capped off his early offense with a somersault senton. Kane used referee David Weakley as a shield to get the advantage. There’s something about Ike’s selling that seems off at times. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Ike’s comeback included a Twist of Fate and classic Snuka top rope splash for a near fall. Kane ducked Ike’ spear and hit the Sky High for a near fall. Cross almost lost Kane on a Doctor Bomb but managed to pull it off. Cross ducked Kane’s blockbuster and speared him to pick up the win. A fine way to open the show. Kane was a great choice of opponent to keep the Ike juggernaut on track.

Mack introduced himself to the Anarchy faithful with his signature catch phrases. It’s all in the marvelous delivery. Mack said he would win the TV title tournament and become the inaugural champion. 
A creepy Brad Cash video appeared, depicting Cash doing weird stuff with his sickle by candlelight with photos of the Anarchy babyfaces plastered on the wall.

(2) Kyle Matthews & Xander Ramon & Marcus Kross (with Griff Garrison) defeated Team TAG (Kevin Blue & Chris Spectra & Billy Buck) in 16:34. This was a nice piece of business for Ramon and Kross. They got the rub of teaming with Matthews and made a good showing against the heat magnets of Anarchy. Fans can’t justifiably chant “Fat Hardy” at Blue anymore so they’ve switched to “Delete”. Spectra still gets the “Just a Sidekick” chant. The shine built to 10 punches of doom and bulldogs in triplicate. Matthews hit Buck with a chop that sounded like a gunshot. Double heat segments, first on Matthews and then on Kross. Buck paid Matthews back for that wicked chop. Kross got to showcase his martial arts stuff before the ever devious Blue got the upper hand. Kross used a running Spanish fly for a hope spot. Ramon cleaned house and press slammed Kross over the top onto TAG. To the surprise of nobody, the finishing sequence between Buck and Matthews was the best work of the match. Buck tapped to a figure four. 
Seth Delay on video stating he was ½ of the inaugural Anarchy Tag Team Champions and The Two Guys That Totally Rule were coming back to do it again. Cut to Sal Rinauro – This was about the future not the past. The two-time rookie of the year was coming back to flip that with a handspring and become two time tag champs.

(3) Corey Hollis defeated Slim J in a dog collar match at 13:40. Corey refused to let referee Darryl Howe collar him. Slim attacked Hollis and did the job himself. The cowardly Hollis got really brave after he kicked Slim squarely in the nuts. Slim was busted open hugely after being punched with the chain. Hollis wrapped the chain around Slim’s forehead to squeeze out the blood, a gruesome sight. Slim got the chain between Hollis’s legs and yanked it for all he was worth. Slim’s advantage was short-lived. Hollis wrapped the chain around his throat in an attempt to choke him out. Slim rocked Hollis with an enzuigiri to start his comeback. A crazed Slim was all over Hollis with the crowd chanting for blood. Slim wrapped the chain around the post and pulled it to repeatedly drive Hollis’ head into the turnbuckles. Slim applied the inverted STF with the chain wrapped around Hollis’ legs and neck. Hollis went to the eyes. Hollis hit two sick underhook implant DDTs but Slim kicked out. Slim hit the flying reverse DDT for a near fall. The crowd again chanted for Hollis to bleed. Slim wrapped the chain around Hollis’ head and connected with a roundhouse kick to the temple. Slim went up for the moonsault. Hollis Slim him into the tree of woe and hit a hanging neckbreaker with the chain wrapped around Slim’s throat. Slim fell out of the ring with the chain still around his throat. Hollis pulled on the chain until Slim passed out. The finish was tremendous. This was great dog collar match - bloody, violent and sadistic with creative use of the stipulation.

Hollis continued to choke the life out of Slim with the chain, decking the security guards that dared to get in his way. Matchmaker Dan Wilson ordered Hollis to cut that shit out now! He had previously suspended Hollis indefinitely and the only reason he was there was because of Slim and now he was FIRED. The crowd popped for the firing but I think they would have much rather had his blood. Hollis viciously attacked Slim again until security was finally able to usher him out the front door.

“Al Getz Gets Wrestling” with special guests Cash and Cult member Crystal Rose (smoking a cigarette). Getz said last time he was trying to recruit Logan Creed for the cult and vowed things would get strange if it didn’t happen. Getz wanted to know “How could it get more strange than this?” He was about to find out. Cash was so up close and personal in his grill that Getz must have been tasting Cash’s dinner. Cash said Getz wasn’t going to get an answer. “Logan might be the champion of Anarchy, but we can be anarchy.” Getz pressed on asking Cash about unfinished business with Jacob Ashworth. Cash said was none. He left Ashworth lying in a pile of blood with a burned up face. Getz tried to ask Crystal about her upcoming match with Dynamic Dexter. She blew smoke in Al’s face. Cash said the Cult’s hellion would leave Dexter as a speck in the ring like everyone else. I loved the claustrophobic sense of danger of this segment created. All three were great. Cash is being booked to maximize his strengths and render his weaknesses as inconsequential.

(4) Dynamic Dexter defeated Crystal Rose (with Brad Cash) in 7:47.
Rose slapped Dexter. Dexter said that was not nice so Rose did it again. Dexter responded with a flurry of offense capped off by a bronco buster that got a “tea bag the hoe” chant. Rose was horrified. Distraction and interference by Cash gave Rose all the help she needed. Rose abused Dexter and tossed him out to Cash for more punishment. Rose continued to soften Dexter up and went for the curbstomp, but Dexter surprised her with a roll up. A perversely entertaining. Dexter is so tiny that the man/woman physicality was totally believable and Dexter never struck her.

Cash and Rose beat the piss out of Dexter after the match. Stevie Frost tried to save his partner (begging the question why wasn’t he at ringside during the match?) and Cash leveled him with a lariat from hell.

(5) Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Logan Creed (with Anarchy Women’s Champion Brooklyn Creed) & Jake Ashworth defeated Gunner Miller & Geter in 11:04. No question about how over Logan is as champion and Ashworth isn’t far behind. The opening minutes didn’t flow all that well but damn, this match had heat. This show had a plethora of stinger splashes and clotheslines and this match added to the total. Logan and Gunner went at it hammer and tong. Solid action but lacking the awesome chemistry of their Hardcore Hell main event. Miller no sold Logan’s chokebreaker hit a CTE but Logan was able to counter the Jackhammer. Geter absolutely brutalized Ashworth. Tags made. A high boot by Logan sent Miller off the apron into the rail. Geter planted Logan with a belly to belly and took Ashworth out with a Vader style body block. Miller tried to spear Logan and inadvertently speared Geter instead. Logan pinned Miller with the elevated full nelson faceplant.

Geter was not a happy camper. Geter told Miller that made three screw ups when he had it in the bag. Team TAG entered to play peacemakers. They formed a wall in front of the Geter. The fans started to side with monster. TAG wheeled around and beat Miller down. Buck nailed Miller with the Buckshot. Geter ordered Miller to get up…and laid him out for good with Fall of Man. Geter and Team TAG raised their hands in unison over Miller’s body. The heat as the heels departed was intense. A fan threatened to swing on Geter but the fear in his eyes was plain to see.

Miller rose to feet with the fans on their feet chanting “Gunner” and throwing up the “C”.

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