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Premiere Wrestling Xperience Report from Concord on May 20

From Larry Goodman:

Premiere Wrestling Xperience lived up the name at “Final Chapter”, which was an excellent show from the top promotion in the Southeast. 

John Skyler defeated Corey Hollis in an epic I Quit match inside a steel cage to blow off a tremendous feud that played out over a two year span of time. It’s rare in modern wrestling to see a program of such length executed and Skyler and Hollis brought it to a sensational conclusion. The match lived up the brutality of the Tully Blanchard vs. Magnum TA classic from 33 years ago.

Carrabus Event Center was close to be sold out with a paid attendance in the 500 range.

The show is available for viewing at Highspots Wrestling Network with Kevin Kelly and Bob Evans as the announce team.

(1) Darius Lockhart defeated Serpentico in 8:30 with the a modified sitout facebuster. This solidly worked technical match made for a strong opener. Lockhart was scheduled for a rematch with Innovative TV Champion Chase Owens who missed the show due to a New Japan tour. Lockhart is way over with the PXW fans and Serpentico earned their respect with his performance.

(2) Monster Squad (Billy Brash & Joshua Cutshall) defeated Beautiful Bald Besties (Michael Stevens & Zac Edwards) in 6:50. Brash said Cutshall couldn’t be their due to torn tendons in his hand but he could handle the Besties on his own. To Brash’s dismay, Cutshall was there in all his glory. Brash told him to stand in the corner. Dissension ensued. Monster Squad pulled together at the end with a neckbreaker/uranage combo on Edwards to pick up the win.

(3) “Manscout” Jake Manning defeated Effy (with Amy Rose) in 10:05. A totally entertaining match. The PWX fans have taken to Effy big time. Manning they can’t stand…or at least they pretend to hate him. Manning threw Rose at Effy to gain the upper hand. The striking was stiff. Manning and Effy got into a hilarious kissathon. Rose got in the act with a stunner on Manning. Effy almost had the three with a leg lariat before Manning pinned him using the ropes.

Crowd chanted “thank you Effy” and “Please come back” after the match.

(4) Ugly Ducklings (Rob Killjoy & Lance Lude with Coach Mikey) defeated Country Jacked (Gunner Miller & Brady Pierce) to retain the PWX tag titles in 10:30. These teams worked great together. It was superior timing and teamwork of the Ducklings vs. the brute force of Country Jacked. Mach had loads of well-timed innovative spots. Miller was a beast, throwing Ducklings around at will. Killjoy pinned Miller with a springboard sunset flip.

Postmatch – Country Jacked beat Mikey down and broke his arm. Mikey sold the injury huge and stormed out of the building with the Duckling after intermission, presumably en route to the hospital.

(5) Hudson Envy defeated Su Yung in 10:07. The crowd had a love affair with Yung -- great character and her stuff looked terrific. Envy is powerhouse. She was OK but not in Yung’s league. Finish was scary as it looked like Envy got off balance an accidently dropped Yung on her neck on an Air Raid Crash. Yung was shaken up and Envy injured her ankle.   

(6) Ian Maxwell & Mr. Sleaze & Cam Carter & Sean Legacy defeated The Syndicate (Jason Cade & Montana Black & Elijah Evans IV & BOSS (with THE Tommy Thomas) by DQ in 11:35. Sleaze said Syndicate caused a ruckus in their house (Pure show) Friday night so tonight they were in the Syndicate’s house. Everyone got a chance to shine with Maxwell’s aerial maneuvers being particularly impressive. Cade is such a dick. Syndicate got heat on Sleaze. The babyfaces killed Cade dead with a round of finishing moves. Much to the crowd’s disgust, Thomas interfered with his sledgehammer for the DQ.

Postmatch – Syndicate got into a brouhaha with ringside fans. Somebody’s crutch ended up in the ringside area. Cade got into it with the same cameraman he had problems with at the Pure show.

(7) Ethan Case defeated Tracer X to retain the PXW Championship in 17:50. This was an excellent title match. They did a great job of changing speed. Tracer X came across as a legit threat to take the title. It was the best Ethan Case match I’ve ever live. He’s really stepped up his game. I should mention that the refereeing in PWA is uniformly top notch with Kevin Pierce as the standout. Multiple nifty near falls by both guys building to the finish. X hit a 450 but Case got a foot on the ropes at the last split second. X was talking to himself after that. Case came back with a kneelift and the pop up punch followed by the release suplex dropped into a stunner.

(8) John Skyler defeated Corey Hollis in a steel cage I Quit match 31:32. This was a crazy, violent match. Emotions were running high. Crowd was superheated and 1000% behind Skyler. They used anything that wasn’t nailed down. Skyler came out shot from guns. The action spilled out the door. That fought on the floor which was the only thing I didn’t like about the match. Skyler was busted open and bled heavily throughout. Hollis was talking trash about how Skyler gave up their dream. Skyler ripped Hollis’ “Bruiserweights” t-shirt off and gave him a vicious whipping with his belt. Hollis gouged a screwdriver into Skyler’s head. Hollis unscrewed one of the top turnbuckles. Hollis summoned Country Jacked to ringside and ordered them to peel back the canvas and pads to expose the boards in the corner of the ring. Hollis went for a piledriver on the boards (a replay of their previous match) but Skyler gave him a low blow. Country Jacked tried to scale the cage. Skyler’s girlfriend, Katie Sparks (who had played an integral role in the story), came to ringside with the Ducklings to do battle with Country Jacked. The Ducklings did stereo dives off the top of the cage to chants of “this is awesome” and “PWX”. Hollis threatened to give Skyler a draping DDT onto the exposed boards and asked Katie to quit for him. Katie refused. Skyler reversed and catapulted Hollis into the cage. Katie then swung the door into Corey’s face. Hollis grabbed the turnbuckle hook. Skyler said put it down it’s over. Hollis dragged Katie into the ring and threatened to do God only knows what to her.

“Little brother not even I can save your soul tonight”, said Skyler. Katie hit Hollis in the groin with the turnbuckle wrench. Skyler wrapped the rope around Hollis’ throat with Katie on the mic saying “say it”. Hollis wouldn’t so Skyler dug the turnbuckle hook into Corey’s eye and he quit.

Postmatch – Crowd on their feet applauding…Katie in tears as she brought Skyler back from the brink of insanity…Hollis was carried out a stretcher with a towel covering his head.

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