Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Nephew of OSWA Founder Hospitalzed After Magic Trick

From Larry Goodman: 

 Below is the 11 Alive Atlanta interview with Clint Eller of Old School Wrestling Alliance regarding his nephew, Ray Corfino who is hospitalized in Grady Hospital's burn center.

A child is in the hospital after a failed attempt to perform a magic trick, according to his family.

The 11-year-old was attempting to perform a magic trick he saw in a YouTube video. According to police, the video showed viewers how to light a paper that had been saturated with rubbing alcohol on fire. Once it is lit, the paper is waved around, extinguishing the flames and in the end does not look like it's been burned.

The child, identified by his uncle as Ray Corfino, attempted to do this same trick but caused an alcohol bottle to explode, which resulted in heavy burns and damage to the home.

Ray's uncle, Clint Eller, told 11Alive that the 11-year-old's phone had parental blocks but the YouTube video he was inspired by was labeled as a harmless magic trick.

“Ray likes reptiles, race cars and magic. And wrestling, he’s a big wrestling fan,” said Eller.

"Ray is the sweetest child you'll ever meet. Big heart. Loves everybody," Eller said.

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