Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Elite Championship Wrestling Results from Houma on July 8

Vordell Walker issued an open challenge, answered by newcomer Danny Chance, but both men were interrupted by Prince Taj before the match could begin. The Prince tried in vain to convince Walker to rejoin him, as Walker shot down the offer immediately. Even though Prince Taj remained lurking around ringside, helping to aid the underhanded Danny Chance in his cheating ways, Vordell still claimed the victory and chased the Prince away. Something says this won't be the end of Prince Taj's issues with Vordell Walker...

The International 4-Way Elimination match showcased four different men, from four different countries, exhibiting four different styles of in-ring competition. Locura was eliminated first, followed by Joey Ozbourne, and finally the shocking elimination of Anthony by the "Latin Heartthrob" Gino Medina. This young, talented newcomer, unfortunately, took shortcuts when he didn't need to and, after interference from the bitter Ozbourne, caught Anthony off-guard to capture the win. Is this the beginning of Gino ascending to the top of Elite Championship Wrestling, or is Anthony going to cut him down and remind him (and everyone else) why he's the Mythian Warrior?

Elite's Chief Operating Officer Sean Saxon and his bodyguard Big Joe came down to ringside for a special announcement. First, they reintroduced the Elite audience to special guest Minotaur! An Elite Original and former 2x Tag Team Champion. Second, Sean called out the Metal Riot Gods: Ashton Slaughter and Sean's own father, John Saxon. Sean announced that the Freebird Rule is not legal in Elite Championship Wrestling, and since Ryan Oshun won the titles with John Saxon... not Ashton Slaughter... that he would be stripping the MRGs of the championship! Saxon and Slaughter were outraged, but Minotaur and Joe stopped things from getting violent. Our COO Sean Saxon has confirmed that the Elite Tag Team Titles are now vacant and he'll make a decision on their fate in due time. Stay tuned for more info!

King Rob Love, Prince Taj, and The Peasant came down to the ring, with Queen Florence in tow, to participate in the J-Crown Gauntlet. King Love would face three opponents back-to-back-to-back, with the J-Crown on the line each time. King Love first defeated El Blanco Loco, followed by old foe Brysin Scott, and then... King Love was awaiting his third and final opponent, Joey Romero. Much to EVERYONE'S surprise, it turns out that's The Peasant's real name! He ripped off his tattered clothes, revealing wrestling gear underneath, and stood up to King Love face-to-face! Love demanded Romero lay down for him, which Romero reluctantly agreed to... But it was only a trick, as Romero kicked out and unleashed a furious barrage on Love for all the torment he was put through. One thunderous spear later, Romero had committed Regicide as the King was slain and Joey Romero was crowned the new Elite J-Crown Champion!

Hosts for the evening, Chaz Spencer Adams and George Lundy tried to commandeer the in-ring fan photos at intermission and raffle off "Mama Lundy's Famous Blueberry Pie", apparently an old recipe made by George Lundy's mother. Xtian Blake, who was originally scheduled to take the photos, came out to the ring and literally tossed Chaz to the outside. Lundy attempted to run away, but Xtian caught him, and smashed Mama Lundy's blueberry pie right into his face! Xtian then turned over the in-ring photos to new J-Crown Champion Joey Romero, allowing him to bask in his victory with the fans that have supported him.

In a brutal, bloody encounter, Brett Ian Landry led the Dirty Blondes to victory over the Metal Riot Gods in a Double Bullrope Match, seemingly ending the issues between these two teams once and for all. But this would not be the last we would see of Brett for the evening...

The main event was a Street Fight for the Elite Heavyweight Championship, as Xtian Blake defeated Stan Sweetan to become champion for the third time. This was one of the CRAZIEST bouts in Elite history, featuring tables, ladders, chairs, kendo sticks, thumbtacks, and plenty of interferences. Figures of Sweetan's past made several appearances: K-Rod of the pWo, Tasty Terry of the Playa's Club, and even Michael White finally emerging from the equipment box that Sweetan locked him in almost 2 years ago! Not to mention Chaz Spencer Adams attempting to get revenge on Xtian Blake, but getting leveled for his trouble. But the most shocking of all was Brett Ian Landry making his way to the ring with the very same steel chair that Sweetan assaulted Xtian Blake with over 20 times at last month's event. How Brett came into possession of this chair is still unknown. He came into the ring, apparently looking to execute Xtian Blake once and for all, after their intense year-long rivalry and Brett unable to put an end to the Game Changer. But in an act no one saw coming, Landry struck Sweetan clean in the skull with that chair, not even touching Xtian Blake. This definitely leaves us with plenty of questions yet to be answered, with the biggest of all simply being... Why?

After the conclusion of the match, K-Rod, Tasty Terry, and Sweetan's son Jagger joined Stan in the ring, as he removed his boots and officially retired from in-ring competition. Sweetan's former compatriots said some kind words about him to those in attendance and shared a toast, as a mashup of Sweetan's entrance themes played over the speakers. We also learned that Jagger will begin to train as a professional wrestler, following in his father's footsteps, and we'll one day see him compete in an Elite ring.

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