Sunday, July 1, 2018

Southern Fried Original Recipe Results from Monroe on June 30

From SFCW:

A great night as over 250 Southern Fried fans past & present took a trip down memory lane for ORIGINAL RECIPE. The show opened with Tim Rice naming Ryan Anschutz (Charles son) as the assistant commissioner for the evening, followed by a tribute from Terry Lawler honoring those SF lost in its 5 years, Rev Robert Mays, Billy Jack & Charles Anschutz.

Jamie Holmes beat Maverick & The American Patriot in a three-way dance.

Jacob Ashworth battled Tetchi Makuji until Brian Kane interfered, bringing out Twisted to even the odds, which saw JB Enterprises defeat Twisted & Ashworth. 

Ace Hefner came out to remind fans that he was, in fact, the greatest manager in SFCW history, which brought out former client Sam Kooper. As Kooper backed Ace into a corner, former SFCW Champion Monster Maul entered and made quick work of Kooper.

Lobo defeated SFCW Hall of Famer Buddy Burke in a wild street fight that saw the two battle into the concession stand and the streets of Monroe.

Damien Bennett pinned Kody Jack.

Swole & Johnny Camo came out to accept the Trinity open challenge, Tim Rice gave Trinity the night off stating it was too late, however, Ryan Anschutz reminded Tim he had put him in charge and the match would take place.

Trinity and the team of Camo & Swole fought to a double count-out in a match that saw Jamie Holmes & Terry Lawler also get involved due to “Freebird/Trinity Rules”.

Following the match, a mutual show of respect as all donned their 6:05 colors and thanked Monroe, the fans and Charles Anschutz for giving them a place to grow and supporting them.

Vicious Vic Roze accompanied by Honest John Cheatum beat Leatherface in a wild brawl, before thanking his fans as this would be his final match.

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