Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment Results from Atlanta on September 30

From Larry Goodman:

Attendance at the Opera Night Club: 100-125.

Blacklist Uno (with Adrian Armour, Slade Porter and Aria Blake) addressed Su Yung and their October 11 match at AWE's Norcross debut at Monte Carlo Ballroom (season ticket holders only).

Pre-show: Lamar Diggs & Deandre Jackson & Sylar Cross defeated Random Maskey Guy & The Brickster & King Bailey Blake.

(1) Chris Crunkk defeated Teddy King with a pumphandle facebuster in 10:40 to earn a spot in the Be The Man Tournament.
(2) Ashton Starr won a scramble match to become the number one contender for the Georgia Heritage Championship over Chris Mayne and Matt Kenway and Jaden Newman and Rafael King in 8:20.
(3) William Huckaby defeated Calvin Tankman in 11:20. Tankman hit the world's largest frogsplash and Huckaby reversed the pin.
(4) Eddie Kingston defeated Chip Day via DQ in 6:35 after Lamar Diggs and Sylar Cross interfered. Day then leveled referee Stan Robinson with a missile dropkick and told Kingston to "suck his dick". Kingston demanded a match in which he could end Day's career.
Su Yung spit blood in the mouth of some poor little dude and and cast a spell on him.
(5) Owen Knight defeated Slade Porter to retain the Georgia Heritage Championship in 11:15. Yung was watching from the stage. Porter attacked Knight after the match with Starr making the save.
(6) Aria Blake defeated Kylie Rae and Harlow O'Hara and Zeda Zhang in a ROAR fatal four way at 9:39. Blake pinned Zhang with feet on the ropes after Zhang laid Rae out with a Northern Lights Bomb.
(7) Blacklist Uno & Adrain Armour defeated the Carnies (Kerry Awful & Nick Iggy) in 10 minutes. Day interfered and Uno and Armour destroyed Awful with a springboard knee/Ether combo. 
Iggy turned on Awful after the match. 
(8) Joe Black pinned Simon Gotch at 13:50 with a lariat to retain the GWC. Gotch's feet were on the ropes. Gotch sold the lariat like crazy.


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