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Peachstate Wrestling Report from Carrollton on October 4

From Rob Brodhecker:

Peachstate Wrestling Alliance presents Thursday Night Throwdown at the VFW Fairgrounds, Carrollton, GA.

6 matches are scheduled for tonight: Ace Haven vs. Shean Christopher, Cyrus the Destroyer vs. Cousin Cletus, CB Suave vs. Kevin Ryan, Fry Daddy vs. Drew Game, Josh Storm and Austynn Madison vs. Matt Gilbert and Katie Ohno, and the winner take both titles tag match: Sal Rinauro and Michael Stevens vs. Romeo and AC Mack. 

33 adults at bell time. About 10 more came in later.

Jason Boyd is your ring announcer. Your referees are Justin and "Grandpa" Darryl Hall.

First match: Shean Christopher vs. Ace Haven

Shean and Ace are no strangers to each other, as Shean is a former trainee of Ace's and is the current Pro South champion in Alabama. The action starts as soon as Ace hits the ring. Ace in control until he tried to do a leg drop onto the ring apron while Shean was across it. Shean working over Ace's left leg. Ace with a Thez Press for a brief comeback. Shean back to the attack on the leg. Some good old school working there. Ace selling the leg on the comeback. Both men on the ring apron. Shean with a Spicoli driver on the apron. Shean content with the ref giving Ace the 10 count. Ace in at 9. Shean working Ace in the corner but misses a bowling ball. Shean hits a double arm DDT for the 3 count. Time: 9:45. Shean grabs the mic. Cuts a good promo running down Ace and putting himself over. Ace cuts his own promo, calls Shean Gerber Baby. HAH! Says that the only way he's going to quit the business is if you bury him in a casket and put him 6 feet under, but you better make sure that he's laying face down so you (Shean) can kiss my ass. Crowd popped for that.

Second match: Drew Game vs. Fry Daddy

Fry Daddy always gets a great reaction from the PWA faithful. Drew mouthing off to the fans. Fry in control with a couple of arm drags and a dropkick sending Drew out to the floor. Drew continues to interact with the ringside folk. Drew on the attack, the crowd giving him grief. Drew pulls up Fry for a brainbuster but Fry squirms out and hits the Cut Line for the pin. Time: 7:04

Third match: Cyrus the Destroyer vs. Cousin Cletus

Cletus comes in at the announced weight of 1 hog and a chicken. I would have gone at 2 hogs, a goat, and a chicken. Cletus is ducking around Cyrus' strikes until the big boot of Cyrus finally levels him. Cyrus firmly in control. Cletus tries to pick Cyrus up for a slam but doesn't get there and Cyrus falls on him. Superkick from Cyrus for a 2 count. Cletus gets a halfway slam on Cyrus but it cost him. Cyrus hits a sidewalk slam on Cletus and that's it. Time: 4:09. After the bell, Cyrus hits another Sidewalk slam and goes for more punishment. Simon Sermon comes out to the rescue and lands a low blow in. Simon pulls out some brass knucks and lands 5 hits to the head, then goes up to the second turnbuckle and lands a sixth which knocks Cyrus out of the ring. Simon says that he got rid of Geter and Geter was twice Cyrus's size and that Simon's not afraid of Cyrus. Simon challenges Cyrus to a match on Nov 3rd. A short but to the point promo from Simon that sets up the match nicely.

Fourth match: Intergender tag match: Matt Gilbert and Katie Ohno vs. Josh Storm and Austynn Madison.

Josh comes out with his pet snake, Drago, wrapped around his neck. Josh and Katie start out. Katie slaps Josh coming out of a collar and elbow and tags in Matt. Matt pumps himself up and then runs into a series of arm drags from Josh. Austynn tags in and throws a few more atm drags in. Matt throws Austynn into the ropes where Katie can kick her in the back. Katie in and she works on Austynn's back. Ooo, vicious kick to the face of Austynn by Katie. Austynn coming back with kicks and chops. Goes for a cover but Matt breaks it up. Katie tags in Matt and he gives Austynn a vicious kick of his own. Follows up with a straight right hand. Lures Josh in for the ref distraction. Katie back in. The crowd giving Gilbert grief. Austynn striking back but Matt just lays her out with a right hand. A couple of women in the crowd were very upset about that strike. Josh tags in and goes to town on Matt. Katie comes in for a distraction and it works. Everyone in the ring. Matt and Katie try for a corner to corner move but Josh and Austynn reverse it and roll both of them up for the 3 count. Time: 9:58. Matt and Kaite have a meltdown in the ring. The ending sequence seemed rather awkward to me, otherwise a B match.

Intermission with Brandon Whatley out selling merch.

Fifth match: CB Suave vs. Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan is a new face to Peachstate but has been making a name for himself in other promotions in Al, Tn, and Ga. CB still has his ribs wrapped up. Holds and counter holds to start the match. A shoulder tackle sends CB out of the ring. Kevin sets up for a dive but CB steps out of the way. Kevin heads out on the other side and plants CB with a solid right. They trade blows until CB posts Kevin and the rebound almost sends Kevin into the second row. CB firmly in control with deliberate strikes. A nice delayed suplex by CB. A comeback from Kevin sends CB out of the ring and Kevin promptly dives on him. Near fall on CB. Trading punches in the middle of the ring. A Spicoli driver on CB almost gets the victory for Kevin. Kevin goes up to the top rope. He tries for a 450 but misses. CB doesn't miss with his finisher, The Electric Chair, for the 3 count. Time 8:54. I was expecting more of a squash but it turned out to be very competitive. Good job.

PWA returns to Saturdays starting Nov 3rd with Simon Sermon vs. Cyrus the Destroyer. Also announced, WWE Hall of Famer Paul Orndorff will be in attendance.

Sixth match: The Alliance (Romeo and No Limits Champion AC Mack (with Amy Haven) vs. "Marvelous" Michael Stevens and PWA Heritage Champion Sal Rinauro: If the Alliance loses, Stevens becomes the No Limits Champion, if the Alliance wins, Romeo will become the Heritage Champion

Romeo and AC make Amy get on her hands and knees to use her as a step into the ring. One of the fans comes after them for doing that. Romeo and Sal start with Romeo ducking and tagging in AC. AC rushes Sal and Sal ducks and lands a fist. Tags in Stevens. AC tags in Romeo, Double teams on Romeo. Near fall. Sal trips Romeo so that Romeo's face lands on Stevens' knee, haven't seen that before. Romeo tags in AC and Sal has an arm drag waiting for him. AC escapes out of the ring. Stevens teases a dive and AC drags Amy in front of him. With Stevens half in and out of the ring, AC punches the middle rope, upwards. That will leave a mark. AC on the attack, tags in Romeo. Heel double team on Stevens. On the outside, Stevens gets posted. A near fall on Stevens. Isolation on Stevens in the corner. Stevens manages to throw both AC and Romeo out of the ring and makes the tag. Sal cleaning house. Near fall on AC by Sal. AC backhands Sal and that pissed him off. Calls for the superkick but Romeo cuts him off. Double team on Sal, near fall. Romeo and Amy having words at ringside. Double team on Romeo leads to AC eating a boot from Stevens and Amy posting him. Elbow off the top rope almost gives Sal the win. AC and Romeo walking outside and they eat boots. Double teams on both Sal and Stevens. Isolation on Stevens. Romeo calling to finish Stevens off. As they move in, from the outside, Sal grabs AC and pulls him out of the ring and Stevens rolls up Romeo for the victory. Time: 16:40. New No Limits Champion and first singles title in PWA for Michael Stevens and still PWA Heritage Champion Sal Rinauro.

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