Thursday, October 11, 2018

Southern Honor Owner Issues Statement

Gary Lamb
From Larry Goodman:

Southern Honor's Gary Lamb posted the following statement on Facebook.

This past Sunday night I had the honor of being on my friend T.O. Myron Fancher talk show called Shoots Fired to discuss all things SHW. Anyone that knows me knows when you get a mic in front of me, I’m about as honest and real as they come. It is one of the reasons people love to have me in front of a mic. I am who I am.

We talked about the debut of SHW, we talked about several other things and in the course of the discussion we got into a conversation about a local wrestler that I have great respect for. As we continued the discussion, it was mentioned that this wrestler is affiliated with another local promotion and therefore it was unlikely he would appear on one of our shows in the near future. I laughingly said since that was the case I would just have to put the other promotion out of business. It would appear this statement has offended the promotion that meets in the old gym.

We here at SHW love Independent Wrestling. I myself love Independent Wrestling. I am rooting for every promotion. I actually like the owners of the promotion that meets in the old gym and wish them nothing but the best. I even offered for them to continue to meet in our building when we made the decision to start SHW. I’m one of those people who welcomes competition because I think it makes us all better.

That being said, let make this as clear as possible: We started SHW to be the best wrestling promotion in Georgia. We make no apologies about that and will not back down from that statement. I believe every promotion in the state should have the same mindset.

This isn’t a hobby for us. This isn't something we did because we were bored. It is a passion and I think that passion showed through in our first show. SHW has been the talk of the state since our debut show on October 5th. If other promotions raise their game or if other promotions go out of business isn’t my issue. My job is to book the best athletes in the state. My job is make sure every show leaves the crowd speechless. My job is to put on the best show we can for the best fans in the state. My job is to make SHW the best wrestling promotion in the state and for that I will never apologize.

Let’s continue to make SHW the promotion everyone in the state is talking about! I can't wait to see all of the SHW fans at the Action Building on November 2nd for our next show!

For The Honor,

Gary Lamb
CEO and GM/ Southern Honor Wrestling


  1. First, no one loves putting a mic in front of your face except you.

    Second, who cares?? This is the last thing GA wrestling needs. It was in the middle of a renaissance until the usual marks start trying to “take over” towns.

    Third, before you do anything, get your shit in order. The show sucked and didn’t draw. GPW and SF are drawing twice your crowds by spending half your money.

    Ugh, it’s like going back to the dark ages again.

  2. Weren't the dark ages so nice? Noone could get on a website & anonymously comment about others. Ahhh, the good ole days.

    Sorry, I was off topic. "Spending half your money?". Why would you care unless you are a seriously pissed off wife & the bank account is running low. In that case, I'm sorry sugar, I get it. I get the comparison of others bringing in larger crowds, although I seriously doubt that SHW cares. I'm certain they are out to do their thing, not worry about others. But since you brought it up, what were their numbers for their FIRST show? Do you have a list of talent that was brought in? (just curious)

    I will never know why some people decide that they want to go online & down other people, for no reason. Maybe it's misery in their own lives they are projecting onto others, who knows. In any event, THANK YOU!!!! From my heart, thank you so much for your negative feedback. You could've put a little more meat in it, but it will suffice.

    You see, Gary will read that comment & use it as a gift. He will turn your comment into the gift of motivation. A reason to be better, bigger & even more than even je planned. He will think long & hard about his next moves & just how he can make jaws drop. Rest assured, he was already doing that. However, your comment will be a spark that lights a superfire within him.

    I'm not usually a huge fan of wrestling, but had read a lot of great things about SHW's first show. Now reading your comment & knowing what Gary & crew will use it for....WooHoo!! I'm actually excited for the next show & wouldn't miss it now!!

    As you may have read before, as he says it often..... HOLD YOUR FORK!!!

  3. Well, Gar-, uh, “Michael H”, your bravery of using a fake name is truly inspiring. You shame my anonymity!

    I’m so glad a guy who “doesn’t follow wrestling much” has stumbled upon the one website that is really only followed by workers and super fans.

    Man, I was pumped reading your comments! I’m gonna spend the rest of the morning looking up inspirational memes, Tony Robbins speeches, and texting DDP for some super positive motivation! DDP Yoga, anyone?

    Gary H, if you ever need any negativity to fuel your momentum, just stop on by GWH and I’ll fill you up. You could probably watch a tape of your last show and get all the negativity you’ll ever need. But, you don’t seem to understand enough about wrestling to really see it.

    I bet your shows are a blast. Listening to your Paul E wannabe speeches and drinking the Kool Aid. Guys, I like mine cherry flavored.

    I hope this post is used wisely. Negativity is at a premium these days. It better be WrestleMania next show!