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Southern Honor Wrestling Report from Canton on October 5

From Rob Brodhecker:
Southern Honor Wrestling at The Action Building, Canton GA

The Action Building doubles as a church and I must say it's a pretty neat set up. A nice concession area plus clean restrooms. The powers that be behind Southern Honor have gone out of their way to make the area around the ring spacious but cozy at the same time. With all the hype leading up to the debut show, we will see if they can jump over the bar. A lot of WWA4 Alumni are in matches tonight, along with Raven, O'Sheay Edwards, The Lynch Mob, and the Jungle Kings. At least 6 matches are scheduled. Attendance is over 220. The ring announcer is "Big Poppa" Chris Daughtry. The video commentary team is Brandon Benefield and Daryl Collins. Your referees tonight are Ryan Harmon, Todd Fox, and Jeremy Prater.

First qualifying match for the SHW title: AC Mack vs. Jordan Kingsley

AC does his intro and no one does it better. Kingsley's music interrupts AC. The ring announcer introduces him as Jordan Mack but the graphics on the screens say Jordan Kingsley. Jordan starting out fast with a couple of quick near falls on AC. AC rakes the eyes to try to gain some momentum but Jordan fights through it. Jordan locks in a submission but AC makes the ropes. AC lands a backhand to start his offense but Jordan quickly regroups and does a suicide flip over the top rope on AC. Wicked clothesline by AC. Jordan does a Flair flip over the turnbuckle and hits a missile dropkick for a very near fall. AC hits a whirling DDT and sets Jordan up on the top turnbuckle. Jordan fights him off and goes for a backflip. AC rolls through and goes for the Mack 10 but Jordan flips him over for the pin. Time: 8:47. The crowd was hot for Jordan throughout the match. AC's offense wasn't clicking tonight. Jordan Kingsley advances.

Ring announcer introduces "The Godfather" Gary Lamb, the GM of SH. Says the show was 12 months in planning. They are doing it for the love of the product. Nov 2nd is the next show. Shannon Moore advertised.

Second qualifying match: Ashton Starr vs. Adrian Alanis

"Big Poppa" is having problems with names tonight -- Adrian Atlantis. Ashton is looking pretty in pink. Power moves from AA start off the match and Ashton bails to regroup. Massive chops by AA. Ashton's educated feet gain him a slight advantage. Ashton locks in an armbar submission but AA makes the ropes. More kicks and knees by Ashton. With AA propped up on the bottom turnbuckle, Ashton hits the cross body but misses a running knee to give AA some life. Chops and elbows by AA. A near fall on Ashton. Ashton up in the Torture rack but squirms out. Ash goes for a bicycle kick but misses. AA hits a powerbomb for a 2 count. He sets Ash up on the top for a super-plex attempt but Ash wiggles free and manages a hurricanrana for a 2 count. A discus clothesline by AA for a 2 count. AA goes for a shoulder tackle in the corner but Ash moves out of the way and AA posts himself. Ashton does his high bridge pin for the 3 count. Time: 12 minutes. Ashton advances.

Third match qualifying match: O'Shay Edwards vs. Devin Driscoll

The crowd loves them some O'Shay. Ring announcer and graphics say Driscoll but his tights say Devine. Driscoll keeps delaying the start of the match, earning him a "you're dead meat" chant from the crowd. Bell rings and Driscoll hops out of the ring. Driscoll doesn't want anything from O'Shay's offense. O'Shay follows him out of the ring just pounding on him. Driscoll gets into the ring and ambushes O'Shay. Nice suplex from Driscoll. O'Shay tries to comeback but Driscoll plants him with a spinebuster. Driscoll misses a shoulder tackle and that starts O'shay's comeback. Near fall off a powerbomb by O'Shay. Driscoll hits a spear for a 2 count. O'shay hits the sidewalk slam for the 3 count. Time : 6:37. O'Shay advances.

Fourth qualifying match: Alan Angels vs. Sean Legacy

The crowd on their feet for both men. Legacy is from Augusta, GA and gets a Legacy chant. My first time seeing him in action. Alan wants Sean to lay down so Alan can pin him. Sean teases it and then pushes Alan away. The crowd is firmly behind Sean. I'm expecting an up-tempo match. Holds and counters start off the match. A kick sends Alan outside and Sean tries for a flip but misses. Alan posts him and then locks in a figure four on Sean's arm. That's new. Alan in the ring working on the arm. Alan jaws at Sean, telling him that he should have just given up. Sean mounts a comeback, gets a near fall. Sean goes for a high risk and crashes. Alan locks in a submission, Sean makes the ropes. Trading kicks and punches that brutally connect. Sean gets a couple of near falls. Alan having problems getting up, the ref and Gary Lamb check on him and roll Alan out of the ring and start to help him to the back. Sean turns and calls for the bell thinking that Alan can't continue but Alan slips back in and hits a Wing Snapper(similar to a backstabber but using the feet rather than the knees) to the back for the pin. Time: 10:48. That was a great swerve, caught everyone off guard. Alan Angels advance. Announcer announced Sean as the winner by mistake. Gary Lamb sets him straight.

Big Poppa introduces Raven who comes out with a kendo stick. Fun fact: I first saw Raven in Florida under the CWF banner and under another name which I will not utter here. Raven puts over SH and the young guys. AC Mack interrupts. This will not end well. Tells Raven to hush his mouth. AC's mic won't work and he grabs Raven's. Says that Raven is pandering and that he doesn't look good. Wants a second chance to advance and wants it against Raven. Raven agrees and while AC takes off his shirt, Raven nails him with the kendo stick. Bell rings and in 3 seconds the match is over. Raven thanks the crowd.

Gary Lamb comes back out and says that he hates screw ups. Teases a fight with Big Poppa. Introduces Dax Anthony to the crowd for a big pop and then a Logan Creed promo for the Nov 2nd show.

Fifth qualifying match: Sunny Daze (with Ravenna Vein) vs. Kevin Ryan

The video crew is having some problems with what order of the intros to do. First time seeing Sunny Daze in action. I was impressed with Kevin's outing at Peachstate the previous night. Kevin attacks straight away with the ref pulling him back a couple of times. Sunny clobbers him as Kevin rushes back in again. Kevin fires back with a couple of dropkicks but the third one Sunny brushes aside and he goes for a Sister Abigail. Kevin scoots away and hits another dropkick. Sunny to the outside and Kevin hits a backflip over the top rope. the action moves out into the crowd and Sunny throws Kevin into a row of chairs. Count up to 7, Sunny rolls Kevin in. Sunny is having his way with Kevin. The crowd trying will some life into Kevin and he starts to respond off a missed bowling ball by Sunny. Logan Creed comes out while Kevin is on the top rope. Kevin tries to dive on Logan but Logan catches him and drives him onto the ring apron. The ref calls for the bell. Time: 8:15. Winner by DQ and advancing is Kevin Ryan. Logan continues the attack on Kevin with Sunny egging him on. Logan picks Kevin's corpse up and carries him up to the stage area. Logan sets up a table next to the stage and drapes Kevin across it. Sunny climbs up on top of an amp and splashes down on Kevin. That was absolutely brutal.


Sixth match: The Jungle Kings (Lex Lee and Kevin Coffman) vs. The Lynch Mob (Matt and Joey Lynch)

The crowd on their feet for both teams with the Mob getting the most pop. The Jungle Kings have interesting outfits on. Both teams face off in the middle of the ring with some pushing and shoving. Action heads out of the ring for both teams. The Mob tosses the Kings outside for a dive attempt, the Kings roll in as the Mob leave and the Kings hit their own dive. The ref finally gets control and the Mob has isolated one of the Kings. Hard to tell which King is which, They are very similar in looks and builds. That plays into the Kings advantage when the ref pulls Matt away from the ropes and the Kings switch out. Double teams on Matt. One of the Kings goes up for a Jerry Lawler fist dive but Matt moves out of the way. The other King pulls Joey off the ring apron so Matt can't make the tag. Matt dives through the legs and makes the hot tag. Joey doing a corner to corner strikes and gets a near fall. The Mob goes for a double suplex but a King blocks it and hits a double team move on the Mob. The Kings hit what looks to be a double Styles Clash but only get 2. Another double team on the Mob almost gets the victory but Matt saves it. A nogging knocker on the Kings leads to a rolling senton by Joey, followed by a frog splash by Matt, followed by a moonsault by Joey. The victory was assured but a King pulled the ref out of the ring. Action on the outside capped by a moonsault by Joey. The match is ruled a double count out. Video promo by the Shotgun Gang plays (I may have misheard the name of the faction but it's David Ali and Lee Johnson), calling out the Mob. The Mob and Kings start laying back into each other and the locker room clears out from the back to break it up. They are still going for each other. A "Let them fight" chant breaks out and the Mob and Kings oblige. They finally break apart but the Mob chases the Kings to the back. One of the refs gets clobbered on the way out.

DDP comes out to a standing ovation. Does the "It's me, it's DDP" and the crowd says it with him. Puts over independent wrestling mentioning the sell out of Cody Rhodes "All In" in record time. Puts over the wrestlers and the crowd. Brings out the Southern Honor Title. Calls in Big Poppa and leads an SHW chant. hands the mic off to the ring announcer for the introduction for the main event.

The main event for the SHW Title: Aston Starr vs. Jordan Kingsley vs. Alan Angels vs. Kevin Ryan vs. O'Shay Edwards

Big Poppa announces that Kevin Ryan won't be able to compete due to injury from the beatdown earlier in the show. Kevin comes out with officials trying to hold him back. O'Shay attacks him from behind and tosses Kevin into the guardrail. Alan mouthes off to O'Shay, Ashton, and Jordan. O'Shay plants him. There's going to be a ton of action so it will be hard for me to get all of it in. Ashton, Jordan, and Alan doing most of the in-ring work so far. O'Shay powerbombs Kevin into the ring post, he's got about a 12-inch laceration on his back. O'Shay catches Jordan and rams him into the ring post as well. O'Shay laying German's onto Jordan in the ring. Ashton catches O'Shay with a bicycle kick but Alan breaks up the pin attempt. Alan drags in Kevin but Kevin weakly chops Alan in the neck with no effect. Kevin gives Alan the finger and Alan lays waste to him. O'Shay back in and takes out Alan. O'Shay back on Kevin tossing him across the ring. O'Shay misses a corner splash but catches Ryan and rams his head onto the ring support Superplex attempt on Alan by O'Shay, but Jordan and Ashton chop block him off the ropes and they go for a double super plex on Alan, O'Shay recovers and powerbombs all three of them which causes Ashton, Jordan, and O'Shay to fall out of the ring. Ryan flys in for a 450 splash on Alan for the 3 count. Time: 8:32. New Southern Honor Wrestling Champion: Kevin Ryan.

This was a fun, energetic show. The quality of the matches themselves were in the B to A- range. The match of the night was the main event with the angle of Kevin Ryan overcoming the odds against him. The fans came in hot and stayed there most of the night. Raven and DDP did a great job helping set up not only this show but the next. There were some things to work on for the next show production wise but nothing major. Can't expect perfection on that front the first time out.

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