Premier All-Star All Hallows Eve -- Buchanan on October 28

  From Duke Ingraham: Premier All-Star Wrestling was back at the Callaway Livestock Pavilion in Buchanan Georgia on October 28th for one of ...


From Duke Ingraham:
Premier All-Star Wrestling was back at the Callaway Livestock Pavilion in Buchanan Georgia on October 28th for one of their signature shows, “All Hallow’s Eve”. The “West Georgia Cow Palace'' was covered in eerie and spooky Halloween decorations, including big inflatable pumpkins on the entryway. The 150 fans came in the spirit as many kids and adults were dressed up for the costume contest during intermission. This was a lively group of fans that provided a great atmosphere and energy for the entire show. 


Just exactly what is a trick or treat match? General Manager Jason Boyd explained to the fans that they would get to pick to match stipulation. After the fans voted it was declared that the match would be a falls count anywhere match. 

The crowd chats “A.J.” and Black is all over Frost to start. After hitting a suicide dive on the outside, Black relentlessly punches Frost around the outside of the ring. Frost fights back and goes on the offensive. Frost throws Black’s head into the post and makes a pin attempt on the outside for a two count. Frost positions Black against the post and rares back for a chop, but misses and his arm slaps the post. Black throws Frost into a cement wall and then the two brawl into the men's room. Pastor Jaykes is beside himself as the two remain in the latrine for several seconds. Jaykes finally pushes the door open and out pour Black and Frost who had toilet paper hanging off of him. They brawl to ringside and a punch sends Frost to the floor. Frost gets up and clocks Black with a baking pan, the sound popped the crowd big time. Jaykes shakes his tambourine and celebrates but Frost can only get a 2 count. The two continue to fight to the gimmick tables and Black gets his face slammed into his own table. Black’s face is covered in blood at this point. He knows he can’t out brawl Frost, so his only is to out wrestle him so he forces the action back into the ring. Frost looks for every advantage and takes off his wrist tape and chokes Black. Frost forces the brawl back to the outside, but this time it’s Black who goes on the offensive, punching Frost as the two fight through the bleachers. The crowd chants “AJ” as Jaykes yells at them to stop. Black hits Frost with the baking pan but only gets a 2 count. Jaykes slides his tambourine to Frost who bashes it over Black's head. Jaykes digs under the ring and pulls out a second tambourine and shakes it with a pentecostal preacher. Frost askes Jaykes for a weapon and he retrieves a skateboard and a cymbal with a giant cross painted on it and throws them into the ring. Despite all the weapons Frost can still only get a 2 count. Frost shouts for Pastor to “get the legos”. Jaykes slides a tub of legos in the ring and front dumps in the out. Frost and Black exchange punches until Frost slams Black into the legos for a huge crowd reaction. Frost still can only get a two count. Frost picks up an ax handle and swings it over his hard towards Black, Black dodges and the handle hits off the rope and bounces back catching Frost straight in the forehead. Black makes the pin attempt. A.J. BLACK WINS BY PINFALL IN APPROX. 9 MINUTES. REFEREE: ZANDER WHORIC 

THOUGHTS: This was a pretty brutal match and neither guy held anything back. A.J.'s color was the hard way. Great white meat babyface stuff A.J. throughout the match. Frost definitely was showing some flashes of Kevin Sullivan. This one is far from over. 


Cedric is no stranger to Georgia Wrestling but this was first time seeing New Mouth. A.S.S. comes out to “Thriller” and the crowd eats up every moment of it. Cedric and Donte can’t decide who should start as it appeared neither wanted anything to do with Hanson. Hanson shows off some technical skills to start and gets the better of Cedric. Tags are made and Donte stares down Huck. A test of strength and Donte quickly kicks Huck in the jewels. Hucks whips him into the corner and lands a big shoulder tackle. Huck stays in complete control and makes the tag to Hanson. Hanson suplexes Donte and a tag is made back to Huck. Huck unleashes a big chop on Donte that leaves the crowd chanting “one more time”. Donte manages to rake the eyes of Huck and tags in Cedric. The two double team Huck then cut off the ring and use quick tags to stay in control. Cedric flips off Huck and chops him…big mistake as Huck has had enough. Cedric parades around the ring unaware that the chop didn’t phase Huck. Huck throws Cedrick in the corner and CHOPPED the ever living soul out of his body. Huck follows this up with a second equally impressive chop. Huck tries a lariat on Cedric but he dodges it and then catches Huck with a DDT. Cedric tags Donte who tries a flying headbutt off the top rope, but Huck dodges. Both men make tags but it’s Hanson who is in complete control. He slams both Cedric and Donte but can’t get a 3 count. Donte makes the tag to Cedric but Hanson greets him with a stunner. ALL STAR SPECIAL WIN BY PINFALL IN APPROX. 11 MINUTES. REFEREE DARRYL HALL. 

THOUGHTS: Forgone conclusion before the match even started, but the match allowed All-Star to get a win at Premier after being shut out during the tag team tournament, and allowed Donte to get in some ring work. 3 years running and All Star Special are still one of the most over acts in Georgia. Hanson and Huck stay in the ring to introduce the 3rd member of All Star Special, Jay 2 Strong. Hanson cheers on Jay as Huck doesn’t look too amused. The three pose together in the ring, then Huck limps his way to the locker room as Hanson stays at ringside and sits in the crowd to cheer on Jay. 


This is Gemini’s 3rd match with Premier. He is a masked man hailing from “Orion’s Belt”. Gemini is a lot taller this time than last…and a lot darker too. Jay insists that he be the one to call for the opening bell. Gemini appeared to be in the mood to Grapple as this one started with a lot of mat based wrestling. Jay throws Gemini out of the ring and he almost gets counted out due to jaw jacking with the fans. Gemini is arguing with a kid as Jay tries to pull him back into the ring, but Gemini hits a neck breaker that sends Jay to the mat. Gemini whips Jay into the ropes and lands a shoulder tackle but can only get a 2 count. Gemini hotdogs and grandstands in the ring for a little two long as Jay catches him off guard and connects with a couple of big chops. The crowd gets behind Jay but Gemini lands a head scissors takedown and gets 2 count. Gemini then puts Jay into a camel clutch. Jay fights out and hits Gemini with his finisher. JAY 2 STRONG WINS BY PINFALL IN APPROX. 10 MINUTES. REFEREE: DARRYL HALL 


There is a weapon in each corner of the ring that can be used at any time. Taliaferro gets on the mic and announces that the following match has been scheduled for an autopsy, and then introduces Papa Marko. J-Rob gets a huge pop on his entrance. The two exchange chops to open that leads to Jrod getting the one up, an arm drag and a slam sends Marko to the outside. Taliaferro passes off baby powder to Marko, back in the ring Marko throws it in Jrod’s face. Marko pushes the ref into Jrod, the blinded Jrod almost punches the ref until he realizes it isn’t Marko. However this allows Marko to retrieve a kendo stick out of the corner and he bashes it into Jrod’s back as Taliaferro throws more powder into Jrod’s eyes. Marko gives Jrod a stiff chop then bashes him with a baking pan. Marko continues his assault using a chair and a road cone on blinded Jrod. Marko exits the ring and he and Taliaferro begin yelling and slapping the mat to confuse Jrod. Marko returns to the ring but Jrod manages to land a punch, then trips Marko face first into a chair. Jrod fights back and delivers a HUGE back body drop to Marko. Jrod hits a bulldog on Mark and reaches for the kendo stick. He wacks Marko in the legs and then the back with it, sending Marko the mat. Jrod picks up the chair and swings to hit Marko with it, but Taliaferro has entered the ring and grabs the chair from behind. Jrod confronts Taliaferro and the distraction allows Marko to deliver a low blow. PAPA MARKO WINS BY PINFALL IN APPROX. 10 MINUTES. REFEREE: BUTTERBEAN. 

THOUGHTS: A fun match with a lot of shenanigans. Marko is as fundamentally solid in the ring as the come in Georgia, and Jrod may be past his Rampage hay days, but he can still go in the ring and the Premier crowd loves him. The war between the many faces of Marko and Jrod continues on….. 

 After the match the fans were absolutely furious with Taliaferro’s involvement so General Manager Jason Boyd had no choice but to announce that on November 28th Jrod will face “Marvelous” Marko in a last man standing match, and promised the fans there will be no outside interference. 



Roach is having none of the crowd's boos towards him as he told off a number of fans. The Aaron Dallas army was in full effect as he got one of the loudest reactions of the night. Roach uses a lot of old school stalling tactics at the beginning of the match, really infuriating the fans. A slow and methodical pace by Roach as he goes on the early offensive. Dallas tries a sunset flip on Roach, but Roach pokes Dallas in the eyes to break it up. Roach bosses the referee around, demanding not be touched when the ref was trying to break a hold. Roach chokes Dallas against the ropes then does a Memphis style eye rake on Dallas down the top rope. Roach drops an elbow followed by a pin attempt but gets a 1 count. The fans chant loudly for Dallas as he gains some momentum and tries to slam the super heavyweight Roach but can not get him up and Roach mocks Dallas for being the fans hero. Roach attempts submission after submission but Dallas will not tap. Roach tries to pick up Dallas but Dallas hits a neck breaker followed by a kick that sends Roach into the corner. Dallas hits a big splash and unleashes with some big punches. Dallas finally manages to slam Roach but can only get a 2 count. Roach hits a belly to back suplex and can only get a 2 count as well. Roach is upset with the referee's slow count and traps him in the corner and reads him the riot act. When he turns around Dallas charges and connects with a super kick. AARON DALLAS WINS BY PINFALL IN APPROX. 9 MINUTES. REFEREE: GAVIN PELL 

THOUGHTS: Solid match that kept Roach looking strong. Pat Roach is an anachronism, and I mean that in the best of ways. Watching him is like watching someone from a different era. Dallas didn’t get in a whole lot of offense in this match but still pulled out a win and remains one of the hottest acts in West Georgia/Alabama. 


 Sean Nelson and Pastor Jaykes make their way to the ring with huge grins on their faces. Valentine’s music hits, but he never appears. Security begin to check for him backstage. Pastor Jaykes gets on the mic and tells the crowd that Valentine had an accident backstage and is being taken to the nearest medical facility, and that since the sinners in attendance were promised the crowning of a champion, that the referees should just go ahead and count out Valentine so Nelson can be declared the winner. Referee Hall begins counting, but the impatient Jaykes takes over and begins shouting the numbers. 

 When his count reaches 9 a familiar music hits. A.J. Black appears and the crowd goes crazy. A.J. heads to the ring and begs General Manager Jason Boyd to put him in the match. He agrees and the fans explode. Nelson and Jaykes are beside themselves. After Nelson and Black are hooked into the dog collar, Jaykes steals the mic again and says the Ministry always has a plan, and says the referees at Premier All-Star are inferior and that he has filed a grievance with the Georgia Athletic Commision involving them, and because of that the Commission has approved that Sean Nelson gets his own personal referee. Sean Nelson’s dad makes his way to the ring in a referee shirt and the crowd lets their anger known. 


A tug-of-war to start with Black getting in some opening punches, but very quickly Nelson takes over control and busts open Black’s nose that had previously been busted open earlier in the night. The crowd chants “AJ” but Nelson continues with the beat down hitting a big lariat. Nelson mocks the crowd and their chants as Jaykes tells the crowd that this is their fault. Nelson chokes Black on the ropes as blood runs down his face. Black tries to get in some offense but an eye poke by Nelson quickly ends that. Nelson kicks Black in the stomach and laughs at him. Nelson makes a pin attempt and gets a 2 count, but seems frustrated with the speed of the count. Black tries to rally the crowd around him but Nelson continues his bloody assault. 


Nelson holds up Black’s bloody face to the crowd as Pastor Jaykes shouts that because of the crowd's sins there has to be a blood sacrifice. Nelson slams Black but can once again only get a 2 count. Nelson humiliates Black by once again showing his bloody face to the entire crowd. Nelson grabs the chain and wraps it around his fist and charges towards Black. However Black dodges and Nelson takes out the referee. Black then hits a code breaker and pins Nelson, the crowd counts the 1-2-3 but the referee is still down. Referee Zander Whoric runs in the ring to make the count, but Nelson kicks out just in time. The two fight to their feet as Jaykes makes his displeasure known to the 2nd referee. Black grabs the chain and goes to hit Nelson with it, but Nelson dodges and Black takes down referee Whoric. Black DDT’s Nelson and makes a pin attempt, once again the crowd counts 1-2-3 but no both referees are down. 

Black climbs to the top rope and Stevie Ray Frost appears and runs to the ring. Before Black can jump he spots Frost and stares him down. This momentary distraction allowed Nelson to pull the chair and pull Black right into his arms and Nelson slams him to the mat. Jaykes frantically shakes the first referee to revive him, he crawls over and counts 1-2-3. SEAN NELSON WINS THE PREMIER ALL-STAR HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP BY PINFALL IN APPROX 11. MINUTES. REFEREE: MIKE JONES.


Jaykes celebrates and shakes his tambourine as the crowd is stunned in disbelief. The Ministry celebrates in the ring as A.J. is unhooked from the dog collar and falls to the outside. The blood covered Black lays there as the fans gather around him. The ministry just laughs and retreats to the locker room. 

 THOUGHTS: An absolutely rough and brutal dog collar match that tested both parties and delivered on all fronts. Sean Nelson walks out as the first singles champion at Premier but this night was about A.J. Black. The young kid wrestled two incredibly physical and painful matches, got color the hard way twice, and raised his baby face stock tremendously. Mark my words, A.J. Black will be a star in Georgia wrestling in the upcoming years. 

Premier All-Star continues to outdo themselves as this was the biggest show for the young promotion and it saw their best attendance yet. The fans have become passionate about the stories being told, and every person involved in each match during the show got a reaction. Premier has a very solid, loyal, and dedicated fan base, and as the continue to bring in new talent and tell detailed stories they will only continue to grow. This show has to go down as a win for everyone involved. 

The ring announcers for the show were General Manager Jason Boyd, and Summer.  Darryl Hall, Butterbean, Zander Whoric, Gavin Pell, and Mike Jones were the referees.  Premier returns to action on November 18th in Buchanan at 8PM This will be Premier's final show of 2023. Matches already announced include Aaron Dallas vs. Luka Daniels in a #1 contenders match, Sean Nelson and Stevie Ray Frost (with Pastor Jaykes) will take on A.J. Black and a mystery partner, and JRod will battle “Marvious” Marko (with Taliaferro) in a match where Premier has promised there will be no outside interference. Check out Premier All-Star Wrestling on Facebook for more details.


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Georgia Wrestling History: Premier All-Star All Hallows Eve -- Buchanan on October 28
Premier All-Star All Hallows Eve -- Buchanan on October 28
Georgia Wrestling History
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