SHW 56 -- Canton on November 3

From Duke Ingraham: With 5 years in the books, Southern Honor Wrestling turned the page for their next chapter with SHW56 this past Friday ...

From Duke Ingraham:

With 5 years in the books, Southern Honor Wrestling turned the page for their next chapter with SHW56 this past Friday night from the Action Building in Canton. 291 fans were in attendance to see the aftermath of Still Here 5, and see what new surprises the booking team has planned for the upcoming year. This was a night of some really good wrestling and some very intriguing seeds being planted for the audience. 

 -Najasism outlasted Owen Knight in a “3 stages of hell” match that went all over the building, had the crowd rabid, and ended with Naja jumping off the top off a wall and through Owen Knight and a table. This one should surely get some Match of the Year consideration. 

 -Joe Black managed to fight off Judias and Nick Halen and scored a victory for the Hierarchy to reclaim the tag team championships after The End Game took out Murder 1 prior to the match starting. 

 -Adam Priest retained the ACTION Wrestling Championship over Ashton Starr with some help from his new manager Brooklyn Creed. 

 -Krule was attacked by Adam Priest, The Wall, and CEO Matt Griffin, as the members of ACTION Wrestling held the giant and threatened to brand him with a flaming branding iron. Earlier in the night Krule retained the “Real” IWTV championship over Rico Gonzalez despite Matt Griffin’s best efforts. 

 -”Hollywood” Hunter James defeated Rob Killjoy in a well laid out and well executed match. 

 -Alexander Lev stopped his promo to confront wrestling Cody Fluffman who was sitting in attendance in the crowd. 

 -Happy Madness won a crazy tag team gauntlet match to become the #1 contenders for the SHW Tag Team championships. 

 -A surprise announcement from AEW’s The Infantry (Carlie Bravo & Shawn Dean) sent the members of Exotic Youth into a temper tantrum when the Youth found out they would have to face The Infantry at SHW’s December show. 

 -C.T. Keys unleashed some anger and frustration on Larry Lazard. 

 -Shoot Taylor snagged a victory from The Kenway. However it was Todd Sexton’s head games that had Kenway questioning his mind and his heart. 

 -A confrontation between Todd Sexton and Murder 1 got personal and referenced old history as the two had an exchange that is Promo of the Year worthy. 

-Former IWTV World Champion A.C. Mack was a guest commentator for the show. 


The match established early that Kenway was stronger and more cocky, but Shoot was faster and more energetic. After a back and forth beginning Kenway throws Shoot into the ring post and falls out of the ring. Once Shoot crawled his way back to the ring it was a relentless attack by Kenway as he mocked the fans for chanting “Shoot”. Taylor hits a beautiful sunset flip on Kenway but Kenway escapes before a 3 count. The crowd rallies around Taylor as he fights back. Taylor hits Kenway with a couple of big lariats and gets a 2 count. Shoot charges Kenway who is in the corner but Kenway catches him by the goozle and slams him down. Kenway picks up Taylor and attempts to slam him but Taylor escapes and rolls up Kenway for the pin. 


Shoot exits the ring and celebrates. Kenway is left visibly frustrated in the ring. The End Game’s music hits and Todd Sexton appears to a chorus of boos. The crowd chants “you suck” at Sexton as he addresses Kenway. Sexton says Kenway is missing something…..the ability to win matches. Sexton points out Kenway's recent losing streak and reminds Kenway that Judias, Nick Halen, and himself were all victorious at Still Here. Sexton tells him that he has been listening to the wrong people. He tells Kenway that there is more to wrestling than just smoking up on the way to shows. The crowd chants for Kenway to suplex Sexton. Sexton tells Kenway that just because he comes out with Joe Black’s balls around his neck, does mean he has to get on his knees for Murder 1. 



Of course Murder 1 isn’t going to stand to that and he makes his way towards the ring. Murder is unhappy that Kenway is pouting in the ring after a loss like a bitch, and tells Kenway that he should know better than to take advice from “Skelator”. The crowd chants “Skelator” towards Sexton, and tells Kenway not to take advice from someone dressed like a high school counselor or a DUI instructor. Murder tells Kenway that if he is going to have a pity party that he needs to take it to the back. As Kenway exits, Todd Sexton reminds him that he knows where The End Game’s locker room is if he wants to talk. Murder points out to the crowd that Kenway is leaving because he told him too. Murder continues by saying that they had an agreement in place “back in the 80’s” to which Todd replies “feels like it”. Murder says while Todd was tucked away in some corner in Monroe, he was out there building the name of Murder 1. Murder looks Todd in the face and references “breaking the deal” and asks Todd if he remembers getting in his face during one of his moments as Murder balls up his fists. Sexton replies by saying this is the problem, that Murder is always thinking with his fists, when he just manipulated his boy Kenway and walked out on him. Sexton says Murder broke the deal and that he is playing the game. Sexton says while Murder is playing checkers, he is playing chess. Murder grabs Todd by the neck as says, I don’t play checkers or chess, I play Russian Rulet. Before it goes any further the music of C.T. Keys hits and Murder stands down momentarily. C.T. and Murder stand face to face in the center of the ring. Murder bucks towards Keys and Sexton and they flench to the delight of the crowd as Murder exits the ring with a smile on his face. 

 THOUGHTS: The storyline came out of nowhere and I am a big fan of it already. I’m expecting a long and slow burn on this one. This was a FANTASTIC promo from Sexton and Murder with a lot of inside baseball. Sure the crowd didn’t understand every reference, but that was the beauty of it, it gave the promo a sense of realism that is often lacking these days. I was told this war of words was on the fly and very little was thought out beforehand. This was one of the best promos I’ve seen this year and is deserving of nominations. 


Keys throws Lazard into the corner like a rag doll, Lazard then whips Keys into ropes, Keys charges but Lazard leaps or ducks each of Keys clothesline attempts. Lazard catches Keys with a kick to the face and Keys falls to the outside. Lazard dives through the ropes and barely lands on Keys. Keys slams Lazard HARD into the apron. Keys throws him into the ring and hits some vicious punches. Keys then begins a VIOLENT assault on Lazard with kicks and punches. Lazard is dazed while Keys trash talks him. Lazard slaps Keys across the face and Keys slams him to the mat. Keys hits Lazard with a running elbow off the ropes and gets the merciful pinfall. 



 The match starts with Exotic Youth against Akuto. Bryce Cannon joins the commentary team. EY Pearl Harbor’s ADS to start and dominate the early portion of the match. The Youth are up to their usual cheating ways as they cut off the ring and use every opportunity possible to double team ADS. Mosley whips Ryan into the corner, but Ryan takes out Pepperbottom and escapes free to make a tag to Crunk. Crunk cleans house on both members of EY. Cannon runs from the commentary table and jumps on the apron and distracts Crunk. Mosley and Pepperbottom double team Crunk and make a pin but Ryan breaks up the tag a just the right time. Cannon jumps on the apron again, Ryan charges into him sending Cannon to the floor. Ryan throws Pepperbottom out on top of him and does a backflip off the top rope to the floor onto the members of EY. Back in the ring ADS shocks everyone as they get the pin of Exotic Youth. 

 Cannon charges the ring with his paddle and hits Ryan in the back with it and then breaks it over the head of Crunk. The shot echoed throughout the building as pieces of wood went flying. As EY assaults ADS, the music of The Coven of The Goat Plays and Tank, Mowery and Dan make their way to the ring. 

 The Rev screams into the mic and introduces his tag team. Tank and Ryan brawl in the ring as Ryan tries to use his athleticism but misses on a back flip. Tank slams Ryan to the mat and gets the pinfall of The Coven. 

 Next out are The Grapplers with Zander Seabolt. Grappelers are carrying their NCW and their Southern Fried Tag Team Championships. One of the Grapplers starts out with Mowery and the two exchange chops. The chops get the best of The Grappler as he says it doesn’t even hurt but falls to the mat and makes a tag. The other Grapper fairs much better and takes over control of the match. Mowery is thrown to the outside and the first Grappler takes Seabolts tennis racket and whacks him over the back with it. The Grapplers use quick tags and eye pokes to remain in control. Mowery finally makes the tag to Tank who punches and headbutts the Grapplers to the mat. Tank slams one of the Grapplers and gets another pinfall for The Coven. 

 Last out is Happy Madness. The two teams brawl on the outside as complete chaos breaks out. Mowery and Sal eventually make it back into the ring where a couple of lariets from Mowery gives his team control. Mowery climbs to the top but Sunny grabs his foot. The distraction is enough for Sal to get to his feet. When Mowery jumps, Sal catches him and gives him an atomic drop. Sal and Sunny work over Mowery while Tank and Rev Dan can only look on. Sal rushes over and spits in Tank’s face. Tank grabs the goat skull from Dan and charges Sal with it. The referee grabs it and takes it away, but while his back is turned, Sal gives Tank a low blow and Tank rolls out of the ring. Out of nowhere Mowery hits a stunner on Sal, when Mowery stands up Sunny is right there and delivers a pile driver and gets the pinfall for Happy Madness, making them the #1 Contenders for the SHW Tag Team Championships. 

 After the match Exotic Youth makes their way back out to the ring. Cannon gets on the mic and says that the match was a conspiracy, and asks how they were supposed to win the match if they are out first and says matchmaker Jake “The Snake '' Roberts has it in for them. Mosley says SHW has had it out for them ever since they put up posters in Canton. Pepperbottom takes the mic and says SHW keeps putting them down and references three years ago when Gary Lamb said that wrestling is in a shit state when Exoitic Youth is the tag team to beat in Georgia. He says they have dominated the tag division and the belts belong to them. A video from The Infantry (Shawn Dean and Carlie Bravo) plays. Dean says he has talked to Jake “The Snake” and says he has a birthday present for Bravo. On December 8th at SHW57 The Infantry will face Exotic Youth. The video message sends Exotic Youth into a full out leg kicking tantrum in the ring. The crowd chants “you deserve it” as EY exits. 

 THOUGHTS: Maybe the most shocking event of the night was Exotic Youth not winning this match, as they have been built as the top contender for the tag team titles. Maybe there's something to this conspiracy afterall…. Gauntlet matches can be tough but this one did a solid job of telling and advancing several stories. It was also a great way to establish what could be 3 new tag teams in the SHW picture this year. 


Griffin comes out with a Bible and calls the crowd hypocrites for cheering Krule. He says in the IWTV film that Krule murders a guy and that the Bible says “thou shall not kill” and that makes them a hypocrite for cheering him. He says since he has arrived at SHW they have treated Krule like a false idol. He says it will end with Krule in the middle of the ring bleeding like a stuffed pig and it all starts tonight 


Krule instantly throws Rico out of the ring and into the arms of Griffin. Rico tries to kick Krule in the calf to no avail. Rico punches and chops Krule, but Krule just asks for more. Rico charges Krule but eats a big boot to the face. Some flying kicks from Rico stuns the giant, and sends him to the apron. Rico jumps on the top rope and dropkicks Krule onto the floor. On the outside Rico sends Krule into the barricade. Griffin tries to lay in with some punches but this only pisses off Krule and Griffin scurries away. Rico hits a series of suicide dives on Krule until Krule catches him and flips him back and forth into the barricade. Back in the ring Krule gives Rico and chokeslam but Rick flips out of it. Rico climbs to the top and jumps but Krule catches him and face plants him into the mat and picks up a pinfall victory. After the match Griffin grabs a chair and begins hitting Krule in the back with it. This has no effect as Krule begins chasing Griffin around the building and eventually out front into the parking lot. 

 THOUGHTS: The match was exactly what it needed to be. Krule is one of the guys that the SHW faithfull consider their own, and they do not like people messing with him. I don’t know how big of a threat the SHW crowd considers Griffin at the point, but they definitely see him as annoying. 


The crowd “quacks” for Killjoy to open the match, highly upsetting Hunter James. A very technical start and Killjoy tries to take down James with a series of shoulder tackles, on the third one Killjoy trips James instead and take over control. Killjoy gives James a big boot followed by a big chop. (James’ selling of the chops is phenomenal) Killjoy clotheslines James over the top and tries to go flying but Tristan pulls down the ropes and Killjoy takes a tumble. Killjoy recovers and chases Tristan around the ring right into the path of James who delivers a violent sounded back body drop on the concrete to Killjoy. James mocks the crowd for quacking. Despite his best efforts James can only get a 2 count on multiple pin attempts upsetting James. James jumps off the top rope but Killjoy catches him and slams him to the mat. He whips James into the corner and connects with a clothesline. Killjoy picks up James on his soldiers but James fights free and rolls out. James climbs to the top and does a backflip, lands on this feet with Killjoy’s head in his arm and drops him to the mat. James makes the attempt but can only get a 2 count once again. James gets to his feet and shouts in unison with Tristian “Brain Buster” James gets Killjoy up but Killjoy fights free slamming James to the mat. James retreats to the outside and Killjoy wants to go flying again, and does a front flip onto James. Killjoy throws James back into the ring and climbs to the second rope. Tristan distracts Killjoy and James charges. Killjoy kicks James in the face then stomps on the fingers on Tristan. Killjoy jumps in the ring but James is waiting and drop kicks the ducking, then gives him a brainbuster followed by the pinfall. 

 THOUGHTS: I personally loved this match and the psychology involved. Killjoy seems to be a natural fit for the SHW roster and is incredibly fun to watch. I’ve been a fan of Hunter James since almost day 1 and his growth inside the ring has come such a long way in such a short time. This was the first match however where I noticed a big physical difference in James in the ring. He has been working for a while to build size and that hard work is showing. Why this guy isn’t touring the country right now is beyond me.


Lev makes his way to the ring spouting out about how he is faithful and everyone else are just addicts. He says SHW has given him a match in December against Killjoy. Then he spots Cody Fluffman in the crowd and confronts him and smacks a candy bar out of his hand. Security quickly stepped between the two before it could get more escalated. 


Priest jumps Starr before the bell but Starr quickly retaliates. Starr puts his full repertoire on show early giving Priest all he can take until he exits the ring. Starr pins him against the railing and unleashes punches until Priest pokes Starr in the eyes then suplexes him onto the outside. Priest gives Starr a huge chop and rolls him back into the ring. Priest pulls Starr by the hair and delivers an uppercut. Brooklyn mocks the crowd’s cheers for Starr and Priest scolded the crowd for being quiet. A suplex from Priest can only get a 2 count upsetting Brooklyn. Priest misses and uppercut and Starr quickly reverses it into a backslide for a 2 count, then connects with a lariat. Both men get to their feet and Starr charges Priest, Priest dodges and tries a backslide of his own. Starr slips free and tries to roll Priest into a submission, but Brookyln reaches in the ring and grabs Priest to break the hold. Priest is really favoring his back at this point and Starr gives him an Alabama slam and hits a moonsault off the top rope. Starr makes a pin attempt but Brookyln grabs Priest’s boot and pulls him out of the ring. Starr tries to spring himself up to the top rope as his legs give out and he flips awkwardly onto Priest on the outside. Both men are okay as Starr quickly throws Priest into the ring. As Starr tries to climb back in, Brooklyn grabs his foot, Priest charges and connects with a kick, followed by a DDT for the pinfall. 

 THOUGHTS: Pretty much what you would expect from these two. Technical and fast paced. A very good match to say the least. 

While Priest is celebrating, we hear Matt Griffin screaming for his life while Krule chases him to the ring. Krule climbs in the ring and Priest runs towards him with the microphone. Krule grabs Priest and begins to choke him. A member of ACTION Wrestling’s roster, The Wall runs towards the ring and begins punching Krule in the back. The two men stare down face to face (an impressive feat with Krule) and The Wall chokeslams Krule to the crowds shock. Wall kicks Krule and Priest joins in on the beat down. Priest pulls out a branding iron and Brookyln stikes a lighter. The Wall holds Krule in place. Priest lights the branding iron and teases Krule with it. Priest gets on the mic and says as much as he wants to ram this down Krule’s throat, the two have a match in two weeks and it isn’t going to be in the shithole. Priest plugs the upcoming ICW Chattanooga show and says in two weeks he is going to brand Krule like the dog he is and make him his bitch. The Wall slams Krule, Griffin takes a flask out of his jacket and gives it to the Wall who takes a shot while the members of ACTION Wrestling exit. 


THOUGHTS: Some good stuff here. The Wall is a BIG dude, and looks like an instant threat to Krule. It seems like ACTION Wrestling has started some sort of invasion on SHW. It will be very interesting to see who else off that roster might show up and where allegiances may lie. 



The End Game jump The Hierarchy before the bell and Todd directs Judias to go to work on Murder. Judias holds out Murder’s arm and Todd jumps off the top rope and kicks Murder’s shoulder on the way down. Murder rolls out of the ring holding his shoulding, appearing as if it is out of its socket. The referees help Murder to the back, and Todd gets on the mic and says because Murder can’t compete this becomes a forfeit in a title match and that means The End Game are the new Tag Team Champions by forget. Joe of course isn’t going to allow this and returns to the ring to take on The End Game one on one. Joe is all over Halen to start and gives him a huge chop. Halen whips Joe into the ropes, but Judias kicks him in the back and Halen begins his assault. Judias shouts “break his ribs” as Halen drops several elbows. The heels get Joe in the corner and double team him every chance they get. The crowd chants for Joe and he tries to fight back but Halen stays one step ahead of him. Halen sends Joe to the outside, Halen distracts the referee and CT goes to work on Joe. The referee turns around in time to see it and ejects CT from ringside. Joe still has some fight but the numbers game prevents him from getting in any sustainable offense. Judias enters the ring and gives Joe 3 body slams then punches him in the corner. Judias whips Joe into the corner and charges but Joe dodges and gives Judias a big chop. Another chop from Joe electrifies the crowd. Joe tries another chop, but Judias slips away then gives Joe a boot to the face. Judias tags Halen, and Murder 1 makes his way back to the ring with his shoulder bandaged. The medics try to hold him back. During all the commotion, Joe hits a spear on Judias followed by another on Halen. Murder chases Todd around the ring while Joe Black makes the pinfall. 


Lamb appears and flips off The End Game. He says for 5 years people have been trying to take over SHW. He said while backstage he was watching Joe and forgot how good he is. He says next month it will be Joe Black against Judias for the SHW Heavyweight Championship. Sexton throws his jacket in anger and does his best Ric Flair by giving the jacket a couple of knee and elbow drops. 


The first stage is a regular match, the second stage is a falls count anywhere match, and the third stage if needed is an I-quit match. 


Naja is all business in the beginning, as he stares down Owen and begins mouthing off to him. Owen laughs it off and the two begin exchanging punches. The two then begin a technical showcase until Owen punches Naja in the face and Naja replies by kicking Owen in the face. Owen rolls outside, Naja climbs the rope and down a beautiful backflip onto Owen. Naja throws Owen’s head into a table and gives him a good chop. Back in the ring it’s Naja’s arial abilities on display as he hits a frankensteiner from the second rope. Naja springboards off the middle rope and backflips onto Owen but can only get a 2 count. The two battle back and forth with nearly flawless execution. Owen's strength advantage begins to overtake the match. Naja tries a headscissors off the top but Owen catches him and gives him a buckle bomb. Owen tries to slam Naja, but Naja reveses and gives Owen a DDT. Naja climbs to the top and hits a HUGE splash on Owen for a 2 count. Naja spingboards off the top, but Owen puts up his knees right into Naja’s elbow. Owen picks up Naja, but Naja reveses and rolls up Owen for a pinfall to win stage 1. 


Owen Knight is very upset and goes right to work on Naja hitting a big drop kick. Owen whips Naja out of the ring and he crashes into the guard rails. Owen tries a pin attempt on the outside but only gets a 2. Owen throws Naja into the railing violently multiple times. The two begin to brawl through the crowd and around the concession stand. They both take hard chair shots during the fight as the battle makes its way to the stage. Naja stands over Owen with a chair as Owen begs for Naja not to hit him. Naja shakes his head as if to suggest he has a better idea, but Owen quickly punches Naja in the throat. Owen sets up a chair and drops plants Naja face first onto it and makes the pinfall to win stage 2. 


Owen gets a kendo stick and wacks Naja with it then jams it in Naja’s eye. Naja screams in pain. Owen tees off again on Naja as the match makes its way back into the ring. Owen chokes Naja with the stick as the ref puts the mic in his face and asks him if he quits. Naja struggles to gurgle out a no. Owen lets his guard down and Naja begins to fight back. The two exit the ring and the crowd clears as they are back into the crowd. Owen beats Naja with the kendo stick repeatedly but Naja refuses to quit. Owen chokes Naja with a long tie-down strap but still Naja will not quit. Owen sets up a table in the corner of the building, Naja sees his chance and grabs the sick and unleashes on Owen. Naja superkicks Owen onto the table, then ties him down to the table using the strap, punching him during the process. Owen scrambles and begs Naja to stop. The ref asks Owen if he quits and Owen tells Naja to “eat a dick”. Naja leaves Owen tied to the table and exits the arena into the lobby. There is a small space between the top of the wall that separates the two parts of the building, and suddenly we see the top of a ladder being set up on the other side of the wall. The crowd screams with excitement knowing what could be about to happen. Naja appears at the top of the wall, Owen screams that he quits and the bell rings. Naja begins to climb down but Owen tells Naja that no matter what that he will always be second best to him and calls Naja a “stupid mother fucker” Naja climbs to the top of the wall and drops an elbow onto Naja sending them both through the table as the crowd chants “Holy Shit” to end the show. 

THOUGHTS: There is no way I can do this match justice with a recap. It was beautifully done and had everything you could want in it. You could feel the passion, the hatred between the two in a feud that dates back well over a year with a best of 7 series. The opening segment featured some of the best wrestling you are going to see in the state today, the rest of the match was absolutely brutal and had a very memorable, highlight reel worthy finish. This match should absolutely be in the Match of the Year consideration. 


A VERY solid show to begin this next chapter in SHW’s history. Some new faces are getting established like C.T. Keys, Lev, Rob Killjoy, The Grapplers and more. The next set of stories and angles starting with The Kenway-Murder 1-Todd Sexton Triangle, Exotic Youth screaming conspiracy, ACTION Wrestling making their presence well known, Hunter James attempting to de-crown Chip Day as Legacy Champion, and many more. The show also delivered both a promo of the year's worth of nomination, and a main event blowoff that should be in match of the year contention itself. 

 The award winning Diana Michel was the ring announcer tonight and the award winning team of Gerard Bonner and Brandon Benrfield were on commentary. The referees for the night were David Weakly, Jeremie Prater, and Paul Santa. SHW returns to Canton on December 8th. Scheduled matches include Judias defending the SHW championship against Joe Black, Exotic Youth going to war with AEW/ROH Tag Team, The Infantry. Alexander Lev will also take on Rob Killjoy. For more information check out Southern Honor Wrestling on Facebook. 

SHW has seemed to become a melding pot for Georgia Wrestling as people in power of several big name promotions are working together on this show. Staff from Action, Anarchy, Southern Fried, Southern States, Coastal Empire and more all played a part in pulling off this show. Did anyone think four years ago Gary Lamb would be playing so nice with everyone? I don’t trust it….I think it’s a trap. 


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Georgia Wrestling History: SHW 56 -- Canton on November 3
SHW 56 -- Canton on November 3
Georgia Wrestling History
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