Puerto Rican and Lucha Libre News: MW Lucha Libre, CWA, El Pequeño Enel & Zapphiro and More

From Alfred Feliciano: Due to the date change, MW Lucha Libre present Lucha en la Hacienda 2 on Sunday, November 12th from La Hacienda Disco...
From Alfred Feliciano:

Due to the date change, MW Lucha Libre present Lucha en la Hacienda 2 on Sunday, November 12th from La Hacienda Discotheque, 5100 Goodson Connector Road, Union City, Georgia. Scheduled to appear: La Anexion member: "The White Shadow" Mark Davidson, "The Freak" Sangre Azteca, "El Rey " Sensational Star Roger, "The Mexican Rockstar "Vary Morales, Cosmos and his wife, "La Barbie Potosina" Siomara, former GZW World Champion: Curtis Coleman, Takuri, Xavier Reyes, Cuatro Cabezas, and many more. Doors Open at 4:00 PM. Bell time at 5:00 PM. To buy tickets call (706) 655 8484. 

Also due to the date change, Ecuador's Wrestling Alliance Revolution's All Hallow's Eve is now on Saturday, November 11th from the WAR Axxess Arena, Gozalo Baca Street, and De Los Granados Avenue. Advertised: Jaguar defends the WAR World Championship against Esparto El Gladiador, Santa Fe defends the WAR South American Championship against Andrew El Profesional and Cienfuegos in a Triple threat Ladder match, Falcon will take on Kanak in a Buried Alive Casket match, plus AILL Bolivian member Lucha Libre con Altura World Tag Team Champions Guayaco Power (Temperamento and Oscar El Oso) will face Ultimo Tigre in a Handicap match, Dylan vs. Gabana in a match where the winner will get the Reto Supremo (Supreme Challenge) contract, Stefano and "Suco" Flores will take on Vanisha and Shaylee in a Men vs. Women Tag team war, and many more. There will also be a Halloween contest as well Bell time at 4:00 PM (Ecuador time.) 

Former LAWE announcer Nahir Robles has been on a successful winning streak throughout the Island in IWA Puerto Rico and Espiritu Pro Wrestling Dojo, and now throughout the Southeastern US. Robles will be involved in a triple threat match on Saturday, November 11th at Long Island, New York's Victory Pro Wrestling event Insanity from the Pro Game Athletics, 41 Saxon Avenue in Bay Shore against current VPW Women's Champion: The Unwilting Tatiana and Brittinie Brooks. also appearing on the event is former WWE SmackDown! and Impact Wrestling star: Sinn Bodhi (fka Kizarny.) Bell time at 7:30 PM. For tickets call (631) 751-1810. Saturday, November 18th, Robles returns to the Island at IWA Puerto Rico's Mano Dura event from Rafael G. Amalbert Coliseum in Juncos, Puerto Rico. as she takes on Nathalya Perez (daughter of "El Malcriado" Miguel Perez, Jr.) Keep your eyes out for this Boricua knockout and part of La Revolucion Femenina as she will make more appearances in Puerto Rico, the Southeastern US and South America.

They left Puerto Rico a couple of years ago and moved to their current hometown in Buffalo, New York. El Pequeño Enel and his wife, Zapphiro made great reputations throughout the West and South coast of the Island from CWA, the up-and-running National Organization Wrestling to NRW Mayaguez, Lajas' John Wrestling Promotion, and Ponce's CWF and 100% Lucha, All four promotions have been now defunct. and since moving stateside, Enel and Zaphiro have gained new ground throughout upstate New York. Ohio, and Pennsylvania's indy wrestling scene with great success. Saturday, November 11th, at Rochester, New York's UPW Locked Up from Flower City Wrestling Academy, 1 Miracle Mile Drive in Rochester. Every match will be in a Steel Cage. Zapphiro will take on Adriana Fury to crown a new UPW Women's Champion. meanwhile, Enel will be teaming with Da Latin Soldier will make an appearance that evening. Bell time at 5:00 PM. and on Friday, November 17th. Zapphiro returns to her hometown of Ponce, Puerto Rico for the NWG One Night Only event. Keep your eyes on this husband and wife team. 

CWA will have its Fan Fest event on Saturday, November 11th from the Braulio Dueño Arena, Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Advertised: "El Cristo Cubano" Rodrigo Garcia defends the CWA World Championship against "El Rey Absoluto de la Lucha Libre" Chicky Starr, "Strong Style" Bradley Cardona vs. "El Dueño del Mundo" Hiram Tua in a Grudge match, La Industria defend the CWA World Tag Team Championships against Los Mas Racing with two referees (Carlos Jovica and Frankie Love), "El Hijo del Legado" Manuel Rodriguez will take on: "El Distinguido" Fast Forward and a Mystery Opponent chosen by the fans in a Triple threat match, "The Amazon" Amanda Fuentes vs. "La Hija de la Violencia" Leandra Rodriguez in a First Round match of the CWA Women's World Championship Tournament, Dampa Loyalty and "La Perla Negra" Allison vs. King Tana and Bitterness (managed by Lilith) in a Mixed Tag Team match with stipulations to be named on that night, and many more. Bell time at 8:00 PM. For tickets call 1 787-800-8566. 

Mexico's IPW Lucha Libre, since breaking away from AILL this spring, has made partnerships with Colombia's Pro Evolution Wrestling in Soacha, and RDG Wrestling in Bogota, Lima, Peru's GeneraXion Lucha Libre, European wrestling promotions: Lucha Libre Barcelona from Spain, and South Yorkshire, United Kingdom's Pursuit Pro Wrestling, now has a new partnership with another European promotion: Copenhagen Championship Wrestling from Copenhagen, Denmark in the Netherlands. on Saturday, November 11th at Arena IPW in Guanajuato, the roster of IPW Lucha Libre will have a huge fight on their hands as they take on three of the best that the Yorkshire, UK promotion has to offer: Joshua Kemper, Ellis Barker, and Nathan Black. Bell time at 6:00 PM (Mexico time.) 

Sunday, November 12th, Peru's GeneraXión Lucha Libre presents Revolucion (Revolution) from the Centro Cultural Geek, Av. Alfonso Ugarte 1476 in Lima. Team GLL will take on El Regimen in a 5 vs. 5 Classic Survivor Series Winner Take All match, Team USA (WWA4 Atlanta's AILL Bolivian member LLA International Champion: Aerial Van Go, "The Gambler" Black Jack Mak, and King Cole) will take on Team Peru (Lee Shu, L. J. Night, and DaVinci), Rocky Katari and Yuri Rem (representing AILL Bolivian member: Lucha Libre con Altura) will go up against Farid and Alissa Webb, Ricky Valero (representing Peru) will take on Chile's Cheshelby and "Superstar" Jay Lucas from Atlanta's WWA4 and USA in an International Triple threat match. and much more. Bell time at 4:00 PM (Peruvian time.) Here is a video from El Regimen leader, Gabriel Zolezzi about the GLL Survivor Series Winner Take All match at Revolucion.


 Here are episodes from WWC, Special WWN Proving Ground episode, and WWN Battle for the Brave event, IWA Puerto Rico, live events from +Mas Luchas YouTube Channel, and more.



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Georgia Wrestling History: Puerto Rican and Lucha Libre News: MW Lucha Libre, CWA, El Pequeño Enel & Zapphiro and More
Puerto Rican and Lucha Libre News: MW Lucha Libre, CWA, El Pequeño Enel & Zapphiro and More
Georgia Wrestling History
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